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This Week’s Next Level Certificate Courses

  • Conversational Leadership

    Course Length: 4 Weeks Course Hours: 8 ________________________________________________________________________ Course Overview In this course, you will learn about the fundamental elements of meaningful conversations, the four-I model of organizational conversation, the conversational leadership framework, and the World Caf model. All of these tools will help you become a conversational leader and build stronger teams in your workplace.
  • Stress Management, Regina Bailey, M.D., JD

    Course Length: 4 Weeks Course Hours: 8 ________________________________________________________________________ Course Overview This course will teach you some different ways to look at stress, ways to take care of yourself to reduce the stress that you feel, and coping techniques. You will also learn some time management and organizational tips to help you work smarter.
  • NLP Tools for Real Life

    Course Length: 4 Weeks Course Hours: 8 ________________________________________________________________________ Course Overview This course will teach you about anchoring, establishing congruency, developing rapport, creating outcomes, interpreting and presenting information efficiently, and self-hypnosis.
  • Developing a Safety Procedures Manual

    Course Length: 4 Weeks Course Hours: 8 ________________________________________________________________________ Course Overview This course helps you craft a user manual for your workplace, or for whatever situation you require one. You will learn about safety procedures and safety procedures templates. Also, this course introduces you to how to organize the steps in a procedure and construct a flowchart. Brainstorming allows you to gather information and you will also look at guidelines for writing procedures and learn about communication aids.
  • Kickstarting Your Business with Crowdsourcing

    Course Length: 4 Weeks Course Hours: 8 ________________________________________________________________________ Course Overview This course will show you how to leverage all types of crowdsourcing (including microwork, macrowork, crowdvoting, crowdcontests, crowdwisdom, and crowdfunding) to kickstart your business growth.
  • Self-Leadership, Kevin Carr, CEO, Pro2CEO

    Course Length: 4 Weeks Course Hours: 8 ________________________________________________________________________ Course Overview In this course, you will explore the four pillars of self-leadership: knowing who you are, knowing what you do, knowing what you need to learn, and using what you know.
  • Environmental Sustainability: A Practical Approach to Greening Your Organization

    Course Length: 4 Weeks Course Hours: 8 ________________________________________________________________________ Course Overview Here you will learn how to draft an Environmental Management System that can be applied to your organization. Along the way, you will understand the term greenwashing and how to avoid it. You will know the six key performance indicator areas as defined by the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme and will be able to determine Environmental Impacts and Aspects within an organization then how to set objectives and targets for significant impacts.
  • Planning for Workplace Safety

    Course Length: 4 Weeks Course Hours: 8 ________________________________________________________________________ Course Overview This course gives you the tools to create a workplace safety plan that covers the all the bases you need to begin to build a safe work environment. You will learn many topics including the basics of a safety policy along with the introduction of a safety plan and how to develop a communications plan. You will learn how to decide upon training solutions for common accidents/incidents and learn of the importance and structure of incident response plans. Also, the course covers 6S inspections, checklists, plus the value of an appendix for the safety plan.
  • Advanced Project Management

    Course Length: 4 Weeks Course Hours: 8 ________________________________________________________________________ Course Overview In this course, you will focus on two areas of advanced project management. The first area is advanced project management techniques, such as communication plans and status meetings. The second area is general management skills, such as building a winning team and rewarding team members.
  • Project Management Fundamentals

    Course Length: 4 Weeks Course Hours: 8 ________________________________________________________________________ Course Overview In this course, you will learn what a project is and what a project manager does. You will also learn about the life cycle of a project. In particular, you will focus on the conceptual phase of project management, where you identify, prioritize, and scope a project idea.



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