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This Week’s Next Level Certificate Courses

  • The Minute Taker’s Workshop

    Course Length: 4 Weeks Course Hours: 8 ________________________________________________________________________ Course Overview You'll begin this course by learning what a minute-taker does and what skills they should have. Then, you'll learn about different styles of minutes, what to record, how to prepare minutes, and how to keep a minute book.
  • Developing a Training Needs Analysis

      Course Length: 4 Weeks Course Hours: 8 ________________________________________________________________________ Course Overview This course covers all the essential elements of a training needs analysis. The first step is using the ICE method to isolate problems, consult with stakeholders, and evaluate your options. Then, you can bring all of the information together into a training needs analysis that will convince readers to take action.
  • E-Commerce Management, Yoli Chisholm, Chief Marketing Officer

      Course Length: 4 Weeks Course Hours: 8 ________________________________________________________________________ Course Overview This course will give you the skills to develop, design, test and successfully run your e-commerce business. It looks at important components such as business plans and marketing while touching upon payment methods, software solutions, security and fraud awareness, and much more. With those topics covered you will have the skills to take your e-commerce business to the next level.
  • Project Management: All You Need to Know

      Course Length: 4 Weeks Course Hours: 8 ________________________________________________________________________ Course Overview Upon completion of this course you will have developed valuable new skills that will allow you to competently manage a project. You will come away from this course knowing about project management basics and how to being project planning. You will learn about the project life cycle and project planning documents. Youll learn about communications and how to deal changes and project tracking and also how to conduct status meetings. The course wraps up with a look at closing your project.
  • Entrepreneurship 101, Yoli Chisholm, Chief Marketing Officer

    Course Length: 4 Weeks Course Hours: 8 ________________________________________________________________________ Course Overview In this course, you'll learn the basics of entrepreneurship. You will learn how to find and evaluate business ideas, flesh out those ideas by developing value propositions and financial projections, consider your ownership options, prepare the appropriate documents (including a business plan, pitch deck, and white papers), and gather funding for your business. You'll also learn the steps of developing, testing, marketing, and launching a product or service. To wrap things up, you'll learn how to grow your business and become an entrepreneurial leader.
  • Risk Management

      Course Length: 4 Weeks Course Hours: 8 ________________________________________________________________________ Course Overview In this course, you will learn about the seven R's and four T's that traditionally represent the key activities of risk management. This will give you a framework that you can customize for a single project, a department, or an entire company.
  • Training with Visual Storytelling

    Course Length: 4 Weeks Course Hours: 8 ________________________________________________________________________ Course Overview In this course, you will learn how to use storytelling to engage the hearts and minds of your audience. Well cover the essential elements of a successful story as well as a variety of storyboarding and graphic design tools. After you complete this course, youll be ready to create engaging, compelling training sessions that inspire your students.
  • Managing Across Cultures

    Course Length: 4 Weeks Course Hours: 8 ________________________________________________________________________ Course Overview During this course you will learn about cultures and how to integrate them into the workforce through effective communication and team building. In addition, you are going to be shown ways managing over a cross-cultural spectrum and building a multicultural organization by dipping into the global talent pool.
  • Meeting Management: The Art of Making Meetings Work

    Course Length: 4 Weeks Course Hours: 8 ________________________________________________________________________ Course Overview In this course, you will learn how to prepare for meetings, develop agendas, lead a meeting, differentiate between process and content, use facilitation skills in a meeting, and manage difficult participants.
  • Using Activities to Make Training Fun

    Course Length: 4 Weeks Course Hours: 8 ________________________________________________________________________ Course Overview In this course, you will explore different types of games, including icebreakers, energizers, simulations, and case studies. You will also learn how to get buy-in, deal with reluctant participants, troubleshoot games, and create your own games. To top things off, we will give you four activities that you can customize and re-use in your own training sessions.



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